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Sonnenertrag beschäftigt sich in erster Linie mit Photovoltaik und nachhaltigen Energien. Wir unterhalten die Photovoltaik Datenbank in der unsere Nutzer ihre Erträge und Anlagen untereinander vergleiche können. Neu ist der Datenimport über Solarlog und Sunnyreport.
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What is Solar-Yield.eu

What is Solar-Yield.eu

www.solar-yield.eu is a free, non-party and independent energy database for photovoltaic facilities for each and everyone. It was founded by Lothar Beer in 2006 and developed since then to the probably most largest energy database for photovoltaic. And all this without any commercial hidden agenda - and as already mentioned above absolutely free for every user.

With this energy database for photovoltaic facilities do we pursuit several goals and offer our users the following options:

  • a direct possibility to compare your own photovoltaic facility with other facilities
  • comparison with various average reveneus of other photovoltaic facilities
  • Comparison of the dayly, monthly, and yearly revenue
  • hereby you have the possibility to control your PV-facility towards proper function
  • establishing contacts with other photovoltaic user
  • advertisement of photovoltaic as an option of renewable energy
  • demonstrate the utility and sensuousness of renewable energies
  • european wide and for the future also the global perspective of the energy situation of photovoltaic facilities
  • demonstration of the regional differences of photovoltaic revenues
  • identification of the importance of the location and orientation of a photovoltaic facility and its influence on its revenue

What do we demand of our registered user:

  1. Name, address and email account - this data will not be published (with exeption of the location) and transfered
  2. Location and components of the photovoltaic facility - this data will be published and can be compared(of course without the exact streetdetails)Regular entries of the revenues of the photovoltaic facility - this is manually possible with daily or monthly revenues or automatically with a datalogger